Angel Essence App

Angel Essence App
  Welcome to the Angel Essence House® Angel Essence App. 

Exclusively on the Apple App Store!
Available for the iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5.
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Product Description
Angel Essence  provides the individual with Angelic  messages, divine assistance and guidance  necessary for furthering their connection to the Angelic Realm.  Also Angelic  information and  insights for those  who wish to further their own spiritual development.

Angel Essence also provides the individual with a set of Windows From Heaven™ Angelic Cards. These are channelled artworks of the Angelic Realm by Lit-El Star embodied as Sheena-Gaye Kaperonis. For your enjoyment any of these may be saved as screen savers.
It provides two areas:
•    Browse The Deck
•    The Random Reading
The Angel Essence House® Angel Essence App also provides music with this Application which if you choose, will allow  the Angels to administer a chakra balance  to you. This is done very subtly by the use of sound to assist in transforming energy patterns in the Chakra points of your body.
I sincerely hope you enjoy this Application and if there are any features you would like to see in the future simply let me know!
Thank you so very much for your support.
Technical Issues

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