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The Sunset at Eagle Heights, Mount Tamborine

The View From Angel Essence House®

Photograph Taken 2010 by Sheena-Gaye Kaperonis


( The View from my Back Deck)




The New Angelic Planetary Templates 2011


It gives me the most humbling joy

to deliver this message to you.



Dearest Fellow Travellers on this journey of life.

2011 has been a most exciting time for all of mankind.

Earlier this year Mankind reached the 13th level of the evolution of the mass conciousness.

The High council of 13 was reconvened and there

was a new representation of

feminine energy to balance the council.

A New Plan for the next stage of the

evolution of mankinds conciousness was set in place.



It has already begun.

Everything has been prepared and The Angelic Realm working together with The Acturian's have reset all of the New earth Grids, Ley or Song Lines.

On The 13th of July 2011 the New Earth Grids and

on the 13th of August the New Outer Arcturian Sheilds

were Activated.

This was

At Gods request as Part of

"The Divine Plan For

The Greater Good For Humanity".

Also, the new Angelic Planetary,

Energetic Multi Dimensional Templates

were also activated.


These New Templates allow the Divine conciousness to reside in both the physical form

and the metaphysical form similtaniuosly.

(or as some may understand this, it is the Chakra Template)

These new templates are available for those who choose it.


This transition may be done in various ways.

You may lay in meditation and simply ask

The Archangel Raphael together, with

your own Guardian Angel and

The Universal Light Bearer Azeikiel for your new template.


Or if you wish you may visit a healer and ask

The Archangel Raphael to deliver your new template.





For Healers it is best to work in groups of three to support the Holy Trinity of the mind, body and spirit.


One healer to hold the crown and the ascended energy,

one to hold the feet for the ancient energy,

and to ground it in, and


one to stand at the side to balance the templating.



You may experience a sensation of being tilted to the right as the old template will slip out sideways and

the new one will slip in at the same time.

After this is done please ask God

( or what ever you concieve that to be)

for your new Blueprint.


It will not take long at all to intergrate your new template.


Dearest Brothers and sisters.


Please be gentle and kind to yourself and most of all please love yourself, for you are love.


Enjoy this most wonderful new phase.







"In The Clouds At Eagle Heights"

©2009 Photographer Sheena-Gaye Kaperonis.

( The View from My Back Yard)

The Good News About 2012.


Greetings fellow travellers on this journey of life. 

I would like to offer you this information

Please only take into your heart what feels right for you.


There has been so much talk about 2012 and I would like to share with you The Angelic information in regards to 2012.


However before I do that I would like to explain to you that there are many amazing channnels in regards to 2012. In an attempt to try to translate this Angelic information and for that matter any information from Spirit is most interesting.

This can sometimess have a "Chinese Whisper" or a knock on "Domino Effect" so to speak.

To firstly translate this pure divine energy into a concept, and then into a thought, and then into a human language, and then to try to explain it into simple terms that we can all understand. Well no wonder the translation can get a bit out of context.


Quite a few years ago I asked the Angels many questions

in regards to the Mayan Calander and

2009, 2010,  2011, 2012 and so forth.

What the Angels explained  to me was this.

The Planet Earth or this 3rd dimension was created for all of us to have experiences as Human Beings

so that we may grow and evolve as Spiritual Beings.

It is, and was planned as an Ever Eternal Experience

( if we so choose).

So on behalf of those who were concerned

I asked them questions like;

Is there going to be desruction and is the Earth going to end?


They told me that The Earth shall be here for a very very long time and that it is not intended to have any major destruction.

The Earth is a living planetand has and will continue to experience the normal planetary shifts in the nature of Earth Quakes and Climate changes as it has always done.

We however are always evolving

and our conciousness is ever evolving.

So some of us are becoming more aware

that we are Spiritual Beings having an experience

at what it is like to be Human Beings.


Please note that The Evolution of our conciousness

does not necessrily mean Enlightenment.

A human being can be at any stage of the evolution of their conciousness and not be an enlightened being.

What that means is that an indigenous native in the jungle may be an enlightened being,having enlightenment,

by knowing and being in contact with Spirit.

However just because  you may be a Quantum Physicist

does not nessecarily

mean that you are an enlightened Being.

Now for some of us who may be enlightened and our conciousness is also evolving it is

our perception of this dimension that is changing. 

( you may wish to view The Angelic Almanac for more information on The Evolution of our conciousness

under Crystal Skulls).


The Angels also tell me that there is no set date or time or opening of any particular gateway or planetary alighnment

( which by the way are also eternal regular events )

That determine these evolutions of our conciousness.

These shifts happen when we are able to evolve.


The Angelic Realm do not announce when these shifts are due to occure as this would place an undue expectation upon humanity and this would possibly give a sense of some kind of failure. 

No one will be left behind.

We all evolve at our own pace as we are able do so,

or as it is deemed in our best interest to evolve.


THis is such an amazing time for us aa a human race

we are all at difference stages of our evolution.

And for those who have chosen Spirituality

we are all at different levels of truths,

enlightenment and understandings.

We are all sharing this planet together

and the best way to handle this amazing age of mankind

would be to have Compassion for others

who may not have the same perception as you.


So what will we all do now?

Well the Earth shall still be here and we shall all still be here, we may view things very differently

we may wish to change our lifestyles.

We will all still have physical bodies.

For some of us our bodies may feel different

as we all grow and evolve however they are still our bodies

no matter how we vibrate.


The angels tell me that The Mayan were aware

of the plan of the evolution of mankinds conciousness

and that the reason the calander stopped at a certain date is. Because they were given no more information on what would happen after that stage of the  evolution of mankind's conciousness.

That date was just a guide that by that date it was hoped mankind would be at a certain stage of thier evolution.

And we are.

I am very excited about this Age Of Mankind.


Wow we have all come so far so quickly

and what a creative time.

So I say bring it on, 2010, 2011, 2012 and any year after that

it all feels amazing.

And I am so glad that I have the opportunity to witness this incredible Age Of Mankind as a human being.


I do hope that this has helped to shed some light in regards to 



With Love and Many Blessings to You, 

All of you are amazing beings.

Lit-El Star.