Testimonials – The Book of Praise

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Artwork: Angel Essence House® Window From Heaven. Goddess by Lit-El Star
The following are a collection of testimonials of experiences that people have had with me, Lit-El Star embodied as Sheena-Gaye Rogasch.
These testimonials cover a wide variety of experiences with the
Angel Connections,  Healings, Awakenings, Workshops, The Angelic Aquas, also
The Sound Healing of The Amoure Of God Mediation and Amazing Grace CDs.
I am in humble gratitude to the Sisters and Brothers who have provided me with these testimonials. And who have given me permission to publish these in my Book Of Praise. It is always such a joy for me when someone invites me to walk and share a part of the way with them on their journey of life.
For in doing this they allow me to be my Divine Purpose.

May 2008

“Thank you dear Lit-el Star for your loving support and for the work that you do. To lie on your exquisite bed of crystals and to be cocooned in Crystal/Angelic energy, was a very beautiful and nurturing experience indeed. Your connection to the Angels is reflected in all that you create – the Angelic Aquas, Guardian Angel necklaces and your healing work. May that special connection continue to bring love and healing to many, in this time of great challenge”.
Lia Scallon –  The Sounds of Sirius

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Re; Spiritual Development Classes

I just don’t know where to start with
Miss Sheena-Gaye….probably from the start.
I arrived at my first class in early Feb 2011.
It was not what I expected at all?
(“I knew something was missing”)

There we were a small group of 5 beautiful ladies including Sheena-Gaye, inside this glorious Temple. In some way I knew I was in the right place at the right time. The class unfolded with the most graceful prayer called “The Prayer for the  Amoure of God ” and then the learning’s began. What was taught on the first night…. just took my breath away….praying, clearing, releasing, detachment, code words for our healing teams and cleansing ourselves.  These ancient techniques money just can’t buy and can’t be explained, you just need to be involved.

Some amazing teachings and healings have taken place. Know this people, if you are looking to get in touch with yourself, to learn to heal, to find spirituality, to heal with crystals, sound, feathers and many other types of healing, to heal chakra’s or to learn about Sheena’s chakra chart course…..know this, everything is just amazing learning.

I look back and I say this
“this is one part of what was missing in my life”.
As I look back now and see how far I have come, I can honestly say “that it has been my pleasure to be taught by Sheena-Gaye.
She sums it up in this sentence.
“To be a healer is not only to have a heart but to have the strength of heart”
(by the Archangel Michael)

To Miss Sheena-Gaye….
.My taonga (gift) to you is this testimony.
May your grace & light be the bright beackon
for many more to come?
Arohanui (love always) Audrey Kena Rota-Peepe.


Important footnote from Sheena-Gaye.

It has been a sheer joy to walk a path with you Miss Audrey. Audrey is now a most beautiful multidimensional healer and teacher working with the Legions of Light and the Angelic Realms in her own right. Her Business is called Healing with The Atua , this is the Maori word for Angel. Audrey is located in Queensland.

We are all each others students and all each others Teachers. Shine On Audrey Shine On . Namaste.



Re; Angel Reading

Such warm and loving vibrations surrounded me during a reading with Sheena Gaye, I was delighted to be told my Guardian Angel and able to hold his picture during the reading.
Information so close to my heart was given to me bringing me much comfort.
I had questions written down which I left in my handbag, all of these were answered.
A very special question regarding my daughter in law. She had turned 42 years of age, however had not been able to carry a baby full term. Sheena- Gaye, gently told me there could be a miracle, now we have a beautiful grandbaby boy.  The warmth caring and love I received stayed with me for weeks. 201I am returning to Sheena Gaye this week after a year.
Sometimes we all need to have a place where we can feel special.

Written with pleasure
Katherine Rohloff


2012 November

Re; Angel Healing

My name is Matthew Surawski. After many years of beating my body up and breaking bones racing bikes, playing rugby league and skydiving I found Sheena-Gaye at Angel Essence House. I had injuries from as long ago as 23 years including 17 broken bones requiring 5 corrective surgeries leaving me with 27 pins, 3 plates and a rod the length of my calf. I found that my coordination and connection with my hands and feet was suffering and thought it was something I had to live with for life.
After my first session I felt a connection in my hands and feet that was amazing. I was able to feel the ground again and have my feet and legs under me again, incredible. To reach out and touch things without having to physically look where I was putting my hands, amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift with me. I will be forever grateful. I highly recommend anyone who has had injuries to visit and re-align there their body again. Thanks again.


Angel Healing

Hello, my name is Susan Elgin. 
I am 54 years of age and live in Victoria, Australia.
On the night of 10 May 2002,
I was in a near fatal car accident. 
I survived with the following injuries, compound fracture of the right ankle – it has now been surgically fused to my foot, leaving me with no movement and very little sensation of my foot, compound fractures of both knees leaving me with little to no bending ability and waiting for both knees to be replaced when I turn sixty years of age, if I can wait that long due to the constant pain, right hand and wrist broken with residual pain and deformity of right ring finger, fractured sternum and several left sided ribs, fractured left cheek and eye socket and a brain injury leaving me frightened, vulnerable and with very little memory.
My friend,  emailed me one day that her friend Lit-El Star was visiting from New South Wales and would I like to meet her and have a “healing”.
I said yes but was very sceptical as I had been informed by many surgeons that my injuries had stabilized and there was nothing more that could be done for me, having spent many years working in the medical profession, I understood and accepted this diagnosis.  I have used a walking stick ever since and sometimes a wheelchair.
I met with my friend and Lit-El Star and warned them both not to expect too much as I didn’t and that it was just a pleasure being in their company. How wrong could I have been.  After five years of being in pain, using walking aids and accepting very little feeling under my right foot, I was in for a real awakening.  After the healing with Lit-El Star I walked unaided and down two steps and onto the grass.  There was no pain, I could feel the grass under my feet for the first time since the accident and I could walk unaided.  The joy was indescribable.
Since that day I have never looked back.  My memory has largely returned and as I sit at my desk and write this I am again smiling just at the memory of that day.  Before I left, Lit-El Star gave me a CD about Angels to listen to in my car as I was experiencing great difficulty in a legal battle to get my accident award monies back from the man who took them from me and it was making me feel depressed
and anxious all the time.
It took me three weeks to remember the CD I had put in the console of my car, and just privately it was the day I received an email from Lit-El Star enquiring as to how I was, that was after I had finally played the CD.
I can truthfully state that listening to that CD also made a huge impact on me and all my anxieties.  I no longer worry and have sleepless nights about what may or may not happen to me as I now truly believe that the Angels will see me safely through whatever trials I might have to face. 
This extreme change in my outlook has gone a long way in healing my body and soul.  I have discussed all this with my Psychologist and her advice to me was, “Don’t question it. Enjoy it!.
Before I had the healing, my friend,  had given me a small amulet of a blue green colour to wear  around my neck to give me confidence in speaking as after the accident I sometimes slurred my words or said the wrong ones altogether and had become quite secluded due to this.  I can now confidently speak my mind, defend myself if the need arises and am once again, quite articulate. 
I went into the healing therefore with hope in my heart but a very large dose of scepticism
I cannot profess to understand in any way how all of these wonderful gifts came to me through the healing with Lit- El Star but I am taking my Psychologist’s advice, I just enjoy every day without question.
Sincerely and honestly stated by
Susan Elgin,
Victoria Australia.


Re; Angel Healing
  Carpel Tunnel Syndrome  
  Servere inflammations of the tendons in the wrists;
My name is Connie and I am a Classical Pianist and Piano Teacher I believe in Angels and first met Sheena-Gaye in late 1990 while teaching her son Darius musical exam preparation for his Viola. Sheena-Gaye was unaware of my condition as I did not tell people or wear my hand support splints when they came for her son’s lesson. At The time I was suffering very severe Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in both wrist and was unable to play the piano for more than a half an hour in extreme pain. I was also unable to sleep due to the pain in my forearms and hands. The specialists had told me that there was no cure and that the only way was to have surgery.
This was most depressing and distressing to me as my music is my love and passion and my spirits purpose and how I make a living. After one of her son’s lessons Sheena-Gaye asked me, “Connie may I help you and give you some healing as I know that you are not feeling well, I had a cold at the time and a headache and this is what Sheena-Gaye was refereeing to. As she proceeded to give me healing she then asked me Connie what is wrong with your hands? I was shocked and asked her how she knew this.
Sheena-Gaye said that her angels had told her and to offer assistance to me. She then proceeded to examine my hands with her eyes closed and told me exactly what she could see and what was wrong with each hand. Sheena-Gaye was correct with exactly what was wrong and where the pain was in each hand. She held my hands in hers and proceeded to give me healing. I experienced great warmth and a tingling sensation. She told me Connie we cannot have such a lovely angel in pain and God and the Angels need you to bring the Music of the Angels to everybody and share your gift because that is why you came here.
I had a few more healing season after that and I am completely healed now and have not suffered since with any pain and I have full use of my hands. I am also able to play my Classical concerts once again and of course teach others how to play. My Doctor was amazed at my recovery. I give thanks everyday for this wonderful world and all the blessings that it holds. I am very grateful to Sheena-Gaye, she has a lovely presence and it is always a joy to see her and I thank her for the wonderful work that she does.
Connie Kotowski.
Re; Angel Readings;

I had also been to Sheena-Gaye for an Angel Reading and one of my questions that I asked her directly was,
If it was a good time to go and should I should go on my holiday.
Sheena-Gaye asked me what month and where I was going to go, she then told me that the angels did not like to tell anyone what do. However because I had asked the direct question she had to advise me that the Angels suggested not to go on this holiday at this particular time however to take the holiday in another month other than the one that I was going to book. I did follow this advice and had I gone when I had booked the holiday I would have been in Bali at the time of The Bali Bombing. I was very grateful for the Advice. I am very glad that I asked the Question.
Connie Kotowski.

2007 – Angel Reading

My name is Ruth Aitken. I live in McCrae,
a little town in the state of Victoria.
Growing up in New Zealand with an Irish/Scottish/English and a drop of Maori background – sound interesting? It was and still is! Our family has always been quite religious, so I grew up with a strong spiritual yearning to find truth.
My truth was an overwhelming urge to look into the Celtic race- must have been in my genes – and this study has been very in depth and over 15 years. In particular was the pull towards the Druidic path and the learning of the trees, seasonal celebrations, and the 13 moons. One day it just so happened that my sister had booked a reading with Sheena and asked if I would like to do the same.
I pondered on it, as I knew that I was looking to find a way to deepen my study of the Druids, but just was not sure if this reading would tell me anything at all. After a couple of days, I rang and made an appointment to see Sheena.
Well, it was certainly not like any reading I had experienced before. Sheena gave me my spirit name and the realm that I come from, my guides names, and a past life connection. I have never cried so much in relief before and have never experienced such unconditional love. All my searching for truth had come to this one amazing moment in my life. I was Godweena from the realm of Druids. Now I understood why I had been drawn to my study.
Knowing this opened up a whole new life for me. Not long afterwards, my guide, the one I had always felt around me, was revealed and he is also from my realm. Ever since that day, Druidry has taken on a new dimension and my psychic and healing work has a higher vibration to it. Much clearer and stronger.
I have found all of The Angelic Aquas to be really cool. After each client, spraying with  No 8 Blue Magic, Arc Angel Michael around really clears the room. If I am feeling down, a have a bath with a few drops of the Aquas in it. I also put a few drops in my water bottle, in the washing machine with each load, and a few drops in the bucket when mopping the floors. Other ways I have used the Aquas is in the car.
A few drops in the radiator water and
the windscreen washer water.
In the garden, I have successfully grown the most amazing range of herbs and I have used in particular the No 23 Avalonia for that.
These herbs smell amazing, dry beautifully and
have a wonderful vibration.
Both The Amoure Of God and
  The Amazing Grace meditation CDs are  a  must have.
Life always throws curve ball at times, and for me the CDs helps me to stay clear. I dream a lot and at times wake up exhausted and spaced out, the CDs  have helped to bring me back to the now and to ground me.
I found the Angel course to be just so helpful for me and my clients. I remember it was when Sheena came to teach us the
The Practitioners Synchronised Chakra Guides,
Course No 1,  that my guide Agar popped in with some Druidic knowledge as well. It was a fun day, and as time goes by the understanding of it is
more profound for me.
I thank Spirit everyday for the meeting with Sheena. It has changed my life and enriched it. Knowing my spirits name opened the door for many other blessings. Ever know something and wonder how you know it?
Thats how it is every day.
Ruth Aitken,
McCrea, Victoria Australia.

June 2008 – Workshops

Kaye Linton, Tasmania Australia.
Sheena is a beautiful and giving spirit who has brought me much light and learning.  I have done the workshop and find the Healing Practitioners Synchronised Chakra Guide to be an amazing tool that compliments and assists me with the healing work that I do.  When I use the Guide I find that I am more intuitive and the healings are more profound.
I also use Lit-El Star’s The Amoure of God Meditation CD and have had an amazing experience every time I have meditated with it. I feel blessed to know Sheena and cannot express in words the value of her teachings and products. I thank Sheena from my heart for the spiritual growth that she has helped me to achieve.
Atma Namaste Lit-El Star.
From Kiaria embodied as Kaye Linton
Tasmania, Australia.
15th July 2008
Re; Angel Healing 
Dance Injuries 
My name is Ann-Maree Hickman and I have had the privilege of knowing Sheena for close to 2 years now.  I met her through a family friend of ours who informed me of her wonderful service of healing and angel readings.  I have been a dancer for 20 years, training in a variety of genres of dance and acrobatics. The last three years of training have involved a number of severe injuries, with the inclusion of ligament tears, broken bones and fractures.  Physiotherapy exercises and treatments assisted in these injuries; however they still played havic in competition and stretch acrobatic training.   
The first time I visited Sheena for a healing session,
I was extremely nervous as I did not know what to expect.  She made me feel very comfortable in the opening of the session, where she revealed to me the service she provides and what to expect.  She then was curious as to what my injuries were and what I have had done to try and treat them.  She explained to me that she is a medium, from which the angels work and heal the patient with the utilization of her hands and crystals. 
I will never forget the immense feeling of calmness and tranquility when I first lay on the table and Sheena put on the beautiful channeling music which she said the angels had suggested to her to play during my session. I also remember distinctively feeling other presence in the room when I felt a hand hold mine and another holding my foot as
Sheena worked on my injuries.
I had an extensive number of injuries which Sheena has healed for me during my sessions.  During a Christmas concert, I performed a toe touch and landed on the side of my right ankle, tearing the ligaments and chipping the bone through the right side of my foot.  For months prior to seeing Sheena, I had a protruding bump on my right side that hurt to extremity whenever I pressed on it.  I was unable to do any jump sequences during training,
with the inclusion of toe touches, acrobatics and
tuck jump conditioning exercises. 
Sheena’s healing on my foot occurred a year ago and to this day I have had no problems jumping, and have managed to learn aerial acrobatics landing on this foot without any problems.  While learning back handsprings, I crushed the ulna nerve, while tearing  the main ligament in the elbow that joins in the middle of the joint.  There also existed a hair line crack in the joint which prevented any straightening of the elbow, so I had to continue to strap the elbow every day, during dance class and working hours in the bakery.  The reason for my injury through my elbow was due to the extreme hyperextension in my elbows. 
Sheena was able to tighten the ligaments and joints in the elbow to prevent it from fracturing again in future, and I no longer suffer from the hyperextension and this is visible in my arms in dancing and acro.  One of the amazing things that the doctors did not recognize through the x-rays that there was a hairline crack in the joint.  They said that it was just a crushed nerve and minor ligament tear. 
Without seeing the x-ray, Sheena was able to clearly see and identify the extent of the injury, to which the doctors did not.  She was able to mend the crushed nerve and the hairline crack in the joint of the elbow.  Since this session, I have been successfully able to perform acrobatics without any hesitation
or pain in the elbow.
One of my major injuries has been a hamstring tear at the back of the right leg, an injury I know many dancers suffer from.  I had had this injury for a year and a half prior to seeing Sheena.  I was unable to toe touch to the fullest extent nor sit in right leg splits or pike due to this injury. 
After Sheena’s healing session on this injury, I was to rest it for two days before attempting any stretching.  Once back in action, I was amazed to find I could right split with no pain whatsoever.  As a result I am now over splitting 180 degrees in stretch class and able to hold a heel stretch without any pain. 
I had a second degree tear through my left hip flexor doing a forward walkover.  This was due to not using my bottom muscles and as a result, my hip flexors were doing double the workload of getting my legs over in the acrobatic trick.  The hip flexor continued to click in acrobatics, even in a normal hitch kick left leg split. 

Sheena was able to correctly align my hips and reattach the muscle and ligaments into their correct position.  She also asked the angels to allow for more elasticity in hips and hamstrings, which I can clearly identify in my stretch classes in particular where our flexibility is tested and pushed to the max. 
I also had a broken finger due to a fellow class member doing a hitch kick and knocking my finger back.  The x rays showed that part of the P.I.P joint was chipped off and I would probably need a pin put through it to attach.  Sheena performed a healing session on the finger, to which I no longer need it strapped when I dance. I would normally feel an extreme amount of pain
when I am stunting in Cheer class,
however I now feel nothing.
Sheena provided me with cards and pamphlets to distribute among my friends to share her wonderful service and identify what she provides.  As a result, she has assisted numerous friends of mine in the dancing industry who would have otherwise required surgery and other medicinal practices to
assist them in their injuries.   
Words are too small to describe the joy of the experience that I have had in these healing sessions and how Sheena’s work has assisted me physically and emotionally.  In total I have been to Sheena four times for my own healing session, each one more comforting and tranquil than the previous. The overall experience of Sheena’s work has made me feel extreme happiness and I would without hesitation, recommend her to anyone who requires a healing session or angel reading.  The work she does is not only amazing, but she herself is an angel. 
If anyone out there has injured themselves and tried numerous means of fixing themselves without any progression, don’t give up hope! The experience of healing allows you to not only mend the physical, but allows you to connect with your inner emotion and being.  It is truly one of the most amazing experiences that life can bring.
Anne Marie Hickman
New South Wales, Australia.
 June 2008
Re; Workshops and The Angelic Aqua’s®
Sheena /Lit -El Star is a divine being whom I was fortunate to meet about 2 years ago! she has been a wonderful teacher to me in so many ways… I did her lovely Angel workshop, level one, & was gifted with a beautiful manual that I still often refer to. Also I have her amazing & informative Healing Practitioners Chakra  Chart, which has opened many doorways for me to higher learning & healings with the Archangels & the chakras system, …it works in a magical way,
using a pendulum, as though the
Angels are guiding your hand!!
Lit -El Star’s waters, the Angelic Aquas, are truly divine..the bottles embody one of the highest frequencies I’ve ever held in the physical, and have so many uses & purposes… I use them all the time…for healings , blessings & during readings for myself & my clients. When I opened up The Divine healing centre, the Angelic  Aquas came in as a blessing to me, as they helped me with the foundation & setting of the temples and sacred space that is now permanently set up, the energies have remained high & my clients , friends & family all have commented on this… I have Sheena /Lit- El Star to thank for this, she is also a dear person & a lovely, well respected friend who has a lot of love & time for those who come into her life.
Sha Rai El
Michele Kingston
The Divine Healing Centre & Divine Design Jewelry & Art,  Rye, Victoria.  Australia.

A Poem for Lit-El Star
Lit-el star,,,,,,,,
You hold the light man….
You hold the grace ,as we all can ..

You share your heart and all you learn
for us to glow and always know .

We are the connection of Heart my dear
To know we are safe to feel . All
For the star children now are growing ..
From the chaos to order its all the same ,,,,
Transition is the game …
For we are the masters of this time 
Creating love divine of all the wonders 
This place in time I call mine……
I honor you my sister
I am blessed you walked into my life .
Holding my hand through times of unsure ..
Laughter shared …
You truly care….
You listen to me when I am cross 
and shadows lays across my Heart
You blow them away with your gentle knowing
So I may  know it is , I who am Glowing…..
When my heart hangs heavy as sometimes is does…
You touch me with yours ,again I find Trust…
Your timing is perfect as I know…
You are my Lit-el- star… 
Prime creator blessing  our paths have crossed….. 
I am in Gratitude  
I thank you dear Heart…..
For being who you are  all your love and knowing.
Your Gifts you bring are the blessing …
For heaven has chosen you my dear to be the thing ..
That Man does Fear………
I thank you for being you….
LIT -EL -Star…………. 
Happy Thoughts and Laughter 
Heart to Heart
Hydi and Richard Arcturians Down Under  
Re; Angel Reading for Horses.
After losing my precious pony under extremely tragic circumstances, I had been unable to move forward with my life and begin the healing process. After my mother saw Sheena for a Reiki healing session, and mentioned my loss to her, Sheena suggested that I come and have an angel reading with her about my pony.

From a photo of my pony, Sheena was instantly able to channel messages from the Angels about him and relay them to me. Sheena had never previously met my pony however from the photo of him she described him perfectly, from personality traits right down to messages he had for me.

Through the angel reading session with Sheena I discovered that why I felt so connected to my pony was that we have a special bond, we have shared many lifetimes together and the my pony who I always thought was my once in a lifetime pony is in fact scheduled to walk the earth again in the physical form and find his way back to me.

Through my asking questions Sheena was able to disclose the location of the place where I will be getting my pony back in his new embodiment, a time frame surrounding the momentous event and clues to look out for that will help identify him. Through Sheena’s channelling of the angels I was able to ask my pony questions and receive accurate answers, I was even advised by my pony what he would like to be called when he returns in his new form.

Sheena also advised me to start making enquires ASAP as it will start the process of his re-embodiment in motion. Taking all of this advice on board I contacted the place which I was advised my pony’s spirit would arrive at. After talking with the person there they gave me the same information that Sheena had previously given me in the angel reading session, almost word for word, I was astounded and very excited. (Sheena had never met these people before or been to their Establishment).

Through Sheena’s extraordinary work and ability I have found peace in my heart about my tragic loss and have been comforted as well as brimming with excitement and anticipation at the prospect of getting my special pony’s soul back in his newly embodied self.

I cannot thank Sheena enough for her gift and for sharing it with me as she has turned a tragedy into one of the most exciting experiences of my life.

Danille Johnson. 

New .South.Wales.  Australia.

Re; Healings Angel ; Connections, Awakenings,
Past Life   Workshops,  The Angelic CDs and
The Angelic Aqua’s® 

To Whom May Be Reading This, I met Lit-El Star mid 2007 at a mid-winter dinner, hosted by a very dear friend of mine. Lit-El Star had been invited down to Melbourne for this very special occasion.  Upon meeting Lit-El Star it was with much laughter in the venues ladies bathroom!  My dear friend, after a severe arse kicking encouraged me to have a reading with Lit-El Star as she knew that it would awaken my spiritual journey much more.

Well I can certainly grant you that, my journey is sprouting wings and flying. Upon my Angel Connection  Lit-El Star enlightened me to two very special guardians, which just opened and expanded a whole new spiritual world for me.    Before this I had a driving force to do my Reiki and continue on to my Masters as I knew in my heart that this would lead onto something so much more. Then After my enlightening Awakening Session with Lit-El Star I went on from there to awaken and become aware of who I  was. This is the awareness of who my Eternal Spirit is (or as some may understand it My Highest Self).  Just for this experience alone I have much gratitude and love for Lit-El Star.

It has been amazing how many new spiritual members of my family that I have since met and had already known and looking back have witnessed much growth and peace in my life.    Lit-El Star in December2007 gifted me one of  her Angel Courses, The Workshop No 1 For The Healing Practitioners Synchronised Chakra Guide,  which was incredible (and cannot wait to do the next one with her), as during our lunch break I received a very special spiritual gift. I believe this was able to come through due to Lit-El Star’s presence and course material which allowed us to awaken spiritual memories.

I was glad that Lit-El Star was there with me during this, as though it was incredible it was also a little scary too as I didn’t really understand the full extent of what was going on. Lit-El Star was able to shed light, ha ha, on what had taken place. What I was able to bring through is a circle of love, joy and protection.

During this experience a young boy stepped into the circle that came through and he looked up at me and simply said “This takes all the bad stuff away!” This was an incredible experience of divine energy at work. Since this occurred I have been guided to make in a physical form something that can hold these amazing circles of love and light for others to be able to experience the gifts that these bring.

I talk to Lit-El Star on a regular basis and discover each time her amazing gifts, she has shed much love and light on my life and is also a valued friend. There is so much more to share and grow with and Lit-El Star is an amazing catalyst xxx Angel Connection Reading “And The Awakening of thy spiritual self, I have now been able to discover who I am spiritually and what gift’s I can bring on a healing level.

It has been incredible to be now able to know my spiritual Guardians which in turn have opened up my spiritual growth. My Reiki has expanded from my masters to my own spiritual Rieki now and has evolved to new heights. Learning that after my Eternal Spirit was created that she has travelled the Elvin Realms. Also learning about how the Archangels protect the Elves.

Using The Amoure of God  Prayer whilst healing others. Also during healings, people are able to heal themselves more as they are able to express their past life experiences and get in touch with what needs to be nurtured, released and loved. I thank the Elf’s dearly for protecting me, as before I would take on other’s pain and found it very difficult to protect and clear myself from this energy. Angel Course “The Healing Practitioners’ Synchronized Chakra Guide Workshop No 1  – Awakening knowledge of spiritual gifts as a healer to new levels. This opens up a whole cross section of different modalities and is also an awakening tool to these.

It was also during this course that I was gifted the amazing circles that I touched on earlier. At The Workshop I received a beautiful Colored Manual that goes with the Chart they are both so easy to use and are just Amazing Angelic Tools. Angelic Aquas – Awakening and healing of our very soul. I use these waters daily in my home; I add them to my cooking and drinking water. I also put some into my conditioner for my family’s clothes washing.

They have also allowed me to set up a protective grid within my home, to create an environment of peace for those who live in it and visit. I feel these have amplified my journey as new gifts are shown to me quite regularly now, and I am able to discover more about my spiritual self. I have also used these waters for healings to maintain a loving space and to open up self discovery for others too.

Angelic CD’s ” Both are incredible healing tools for one’s self, I need to utilize this more as this helps with clearing chakras, where blockages are formed. I have utilized these tools when gifting Rieki to others, when I have been guided to do so. They are also a reminder that we are dearly loved by The spiritual and Angelic realms and also as  Lit-El Star always says,  Greatly Loved By God or whatever you may perceive that to be.

Even Star Embodied as Jennifer Funnell,
Victoria   Australia.
January 2009

Re; The Guided Meditation CD The Amoure Of God
By Lit-El Star

Please find my thoughts about your amazing CD! Lit-El Star’s CD 

The Amoure Of God Meditation is a gift of engagement with the energies and blessings of the Angels. I experience an immense sense of calm listening to Lit-El Star’s gentle voice guiding me through the meditation and bringing me a peaceful sense of wellbeing and connectedness with the world around me.

Tranquility fills the room at Lit-El Stars invitation to open my heart and mind to the warmth and positive energies of the Angels imbued in the CD. Thank you Lit-El Star for touching my life in such a positive way. Chris,  New Norfolk,  Tasmania,  Australia

Re; Angel Healing

Water Skiing Accident Busted Hamstring
25th November 2008 ,
the day of my Daughter’s 17th Birthday found me
flat on my back in bed with a busted Hamstring.

The day before thinking I was 25 instead of 43 I thought I would have a water-ski, something I loved to do but hadn’t done in like 15 years he he, needless to say 10 kilos heavier and a bit older, the strain on my left leg was too much to bare.  I had tried to get up on one ski , twice without luck so I thought hey third time lucky, Yeah right,  I was just about out of the water, when SNAP my leg gave out from under me, and down into the water I went.   The Pain was incredible I couldn’t move my leg, I called my daughter to come and rescue me and get me back to shore,
she was brilliant getting me there safety.

By this time the pain was taking my breath away, so intense, I knew there was no way I could stand up let alone walk on it.   My husband and daughter’s boyfriend carried me to the grass picnic area where I laid in agony, I felt like vomiting and thought I might pass out, but managed to breathe my way through it.   I had also called on Archangel Raphael and my healing guides to come and help me.

After about 20 minutes the guys managed to get the boat on the trailer and me into the car and we headed for home.      We arrived at the Doctors 20 minutes later, to be told, yeap! definitely broken your hamstring, lucky I wouldn’t need surgery, but I snapped it quite badly and I would be out of action for at least 4-6 weeks.   This was going to drive me crazy as I am very active and hate being idle.   I couldn’t even sit down on a chair properly or walk, I literally crawled up the stairs to bed.  I had a very restless night.

The next day a dear friend of mine rang out of the blue, Sheena is a fellow light worker and healer whom I have known and worked with for the last 12 years, what a godsend.  She asked Di is everything OK?  Needless to say she came to rescue and arrived at my place at 3pm, strangely the same time the day before when I found myself flat on my back in the doctor’s surgery, Weird   Sheena had arrived with the angels and healing guides to give me some spiritual healing.   For once we didn’t speak much, as she had to focus and get down to business pronto, while my physical injury was fresh (not more 24 hours old).   I can’t tell you how relieved I was as I knew I was in good hands both physically and spiritually.

I laid on my side and Sheena gave me a piece of green crystal to hold, this seem to put me into a deep state of calm, like being lightly sedated, I was still aware of what was happening though .  I could feel her hands working through my aura, then she gently touched my leg where the injury was, my whole leg felt light and tingly, after about 5 minutes I felt her hands either side of the snapped tendon/ muscle and I felt like she was bringing the tendon/muscle gently together with her hands and melting the tendon/muscle back together, It was an incredible experience, my leg then went completely numb and I instantly knew not to move it for the next 20 minutes.

Sheena continued to work in my aura for the next 10 minutes at this stage I was so relaxed I was lightly sleeping and with no pain at all.   I felt her move away from me and she said a quick goodbye and left me sleeping like a baby.  The heat from Sheena’s hands while healing was incredible and by late that afternoon for the first time in 24 hours, I could actually stand up and go to the toilet without being in pain.

After a decent sleep that night, the next morning I was able to get down the stairs without my  Crutches or anyone’s assistance, just incredible.     My Leg is still sore but it is 1000% better than it was, and not a painkiller have I taken since the healing.  Amazing.   More Amazing is that I got my husband to take the crutches back to the chemist as I haven’t used them since the healing… I kid you not…..

What a blessing to have a such a wonderful friend, and such a gifted healer as Sheena to help me out, I’m very lucky.  And I would like to thank her and the angels and healing guides she worked with that day for coming to my assistance and giving me such a beautiful healing.   God Bless you all.

Thank you so Much.

Love and Light Di Smith

New South Wales,  Australia 28th November 2008
Important Note :From Sheena-Gaye
If you would Please take the time to read this Testemonial to the end By Beautiful Jenny and If you would please read my very important footnote at the end of this testimonial. It was with most careful consideration that I posted Jenny’s testimonial on my website. I make no claims to have healed Jenny.

Angel Healing
Thyroid Cancer November 2007 I was diagnosed in November 2007 with thyroid cancer. The doctors explained to me the only treatment for this was to have surgery and a month later radiation treatment. I did not wish anyone to cut me open and I chose to follow the holistic healing approach.

I started seeing Sheena-Gaye Rogasch who is an Angel Intuitive /Reiki Master, Teacher and Practitioner. I had heard of Sheena-Gaye and met her through a Dear Friend of mine who is one of Sheena-Gaye’s Students. I had contacted ,visited and met with various healers however out of all of them ,Sheena-Gaye’s treatments and visits always left me so uplifted and positive.

Sheena-Gaye always works with Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Archangel Raphael together with various ascended healing Masters when she is giving one of her Angelic Healing Sessions. She advised me most strongly that the angels always recommend that each person must do whatever is in their own power to heal and get well.

This means that if I needed surgery, radiation or chemotherapy to heal then I should do this and that she would support me through this. I was very adamant and the Doctors could not convince me to take the scientific approach. I have such strong faith and wished to heal and deal with this my way or the high way.

I started seeing Sheena-Gaye once a week for a 5 month period for Angelic Spiritual and Reiki treatments/healings and also as part of her treatment she recommended drinking her Angelic Aquas No 26 The Sanguis Christi which I used by putting 3 drops in half a cup of spring water and having 3 sips from of a night time.

I also chose to and I was taking the Angelic Aqua No 3 Miracle any time of the day in my water bottle and drinking that as well through the day. I started praying every day, gave up smoking and changed my diet to all organic foods together with various herbs made from seaweed and I also started going to the gym. I also had an Angel Connection and an Awakening and have attended Sheena-Gaye’s Workshops and constantly use her Meditation CD’s.

Sheena-Gaye taught me to be filled with joy and be in Gratitude for all things. I have also been blessed with some of her Angelic Artwork which just fills my home with angelic presence. I have learnt how to communicate very clearly and I have felt self empowered through this healing journey. I have such a better understanding of why we are here and what I am about also of how much we are truly Loved and watched over constantly by these Heavenly Beings.

Two weeks ago I had blood tests done for the thyroid cancer which was a tumor marker test for thyroid cancer and that was normal. I Thank God, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, All The Saints and all The Angels every day for my healing and for bringing into my life my beautiful friend Sheena-Gaye, who has been there for me with her healing energy so we can experience this.

Jenny Moeaki, Aged 38, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. May 2008.

An Important Healing Footnote from Lit-El Star

Re: Jenny Moeaki and Thyroid Cancer January 2009 Just to let you all know That The Healing Angels always recommend that you use every healing option available to you to help you heal and get well.

Please remember that God has also sent the most amazing doctors to this planet and that if you need to use the scientific approach to heal yourself then please do everything possible to get well. If that means that you have to have surgery or other treatments then it may also be of a benefit to you if you can also take a holistic approach and combine this together with the scientific system.

You may also seek other complimentary therapies to help heal your spirit while you are going through any other healing processes. For instance if you have had surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, then modalities such as Reiki can be of assistance to you between your treatments.

Please always consult your Doctors and Specialists.

You may always check with The Reiki Associations as to how to find a registered Reiki practitioner in your area. You may always call on the Healing Angels to help you to heal your Mind, Body and Spirit. I make no claims to have healed Jenny.

I have only, as always, just been a vessel for the Healing Angels together with Our Lord Jesus Christ and the ascended Healing Masters to assist and serve them in helping others and Jenny.
I Thank God 
It is Jenny who has allowed me
to be my Divine Purpose as a healer .
And for that I am the one who must thank her.
I remain in humble gratitude for this experience.

Also that as at January 2009 our
Dear Jenny is still well and wonderful.
All of her tests still show normal and
she is now jet setting around the globe.
Living her life to the very fullest.

What a most remarkable Being she is.
With Love and Blessings to all of you
who are on a healing journey,
Keep Hope In Your Heart.
Lit-El Star January 2009.

Re; Angel Healing
Depression, Lower Back Pain & Sciatica,
Lambs and Animal Healing.

2007 My 1st Visit with Sheena. Hello, my name is Grace from NSW. About two years ago I was out visiting a dear aunt of mine. I noticed she was wearing a beautiful handmade crystal necklace. She told me it was channeled and made to suit her vibration by a lady named Sheena. She gave me Sheena’s phone number.

Without knowing what services Sheena had to offer other than making beautiful handmade crystal jewelry, I placed her number in a special place. Around the same time I was experiencing great difficulty with my side of the family (my mother and two other sisters) and was suffering from depression. I decided to let my family know what I was experiencing with my depression in a form of a letter.

I thought this would be the best way to express and inform them of my condition without ending up a huge emotional mess. Support, patience and understanding were all that was asked of my family. Unfortunately rejection was the only thing I received, therefore leaving me to feel even more depressed and alone and thinking that no one understands me. It was at this point I was guided to ring Sheena’s number and make an appointment.

Showing up on Sheena’s door step, not even knowing why I was there or what she could offer me, she welcomed me with gentle, warm open arms. Because I was unsure as to why I made the appointment in the first place, and was a complete mess of tears, Sheena was guided to start my visit with an Angelic counseling session.

Due to my upbringing I was taught to be skeptical about all things that I did not know of. As we got further into the session, Sheena asked for Archangel Michael to join in and help with my healing process. Suddenly I started seeing the colour green everywhere, as if I were looking through green cellophane. It was so distracting that I needed to interrupt Sheena to ask her why everything looks so green. She smiled at me and told me that it is the colour Archangel Michael resonates at when he appears to be working on a healing vibration and that at other times he vibrates on the Blue Ray for communication.

Immediately I burst into tears, feeling blessed with his presence. Sheena then asked for Mother Mary to also join us. I then started seeing pink everywhere the same way I did with Archangel Michael. I interrupted Sheena again to ask why I was seeing pink everywhere. She told me that pink is the colour Mother Mary resonates at and she was also with us.

Sheena then showed me her Healing Practitioners Synchronised Chakra Guide, on this chart it showed all the Angels coloured light rays and what colour that they can resonate at, among other wonderful information. On The Chart it also had and confirmed the colours that Mother Mary and Archangel Michael resonate at.

From that moment on ward, I had put all skepticism aside and embraced the session with an open heart. Workshop I was so amazed with the above experience. I decided to attend one of Sheena’s workshops. I now have A Healing Practitioners’ Synchronised Chakra Guide together with a beautiful full colour 44 page manual and use them both as a reference tools for whenever I have an experience of my own or for when I am doing healing work on others.

Once you attend the workshop, you are invited to attend a second time as a visitor. This is a great opportunity to refresh yourself on all the information again and to have a more, deeper understanding of the chart and workshop. Meditation CD; The Amoure of God and The Amazing Grace.

A short time after my 1st experience with Sheena, I started guided meditation sessions with her. Sheena started teaching me how to meditate with the angels so that I could go with in myself and seek answers and Divine guidance for myself.

During this time I was able to sit with the Angels in my meditation, and ask questions that I needed answers for. I would walk away from every meditation feeling relaxed, happier because I was getting the answers and feeling at peace with myself. Slowly but surely I was coming to terms with my depression and started to figure out how to overcome it.

I felt that I was always guided by God and my Guardian Angels and they are there for me whenever I call upon them. Most of all I learnt to accept the things I cannot change in my life and look upon all things around me, good and bad, with love, light and NO Judgment! Sheena now has her guided meditation on CD called The Amoure Of God and if you are guided to it, you are sure to get out of your guided meditation, whatever it is you seek! Reiki Reiki not only works on people. It works on all living things! Animals benefit as much as people do.

In May 2008 I had a 6mth old lamb that had fallen very sick. Sheena and I had an appointment to attend to in the city early one morning. On our way out of my driveway, I noticed my lamb was down on the ground and from a distance; it seemed to have had no apparent sign of life. Thinking that it had passed away over night, I decided to attend to the lamb once we had returned from our trip.

When we returned, we went over to the lamb. I was shocked to find it was still alive. I felt terrible that I had left it lying there all that time. Straight away Sheena started Reiki on the lamb. I assisted Sheena with the Reiki I had learnt from her Reiki lessons. (I had completed my Reiki 1 with Sheena) Whilst working on the lamb, I was guided by the Angels as to what the lamb was suffering form.

After her treatment of Reiki, we had the lamb standing up. She was still weak, so we assisted her into an enclosed area that was protected and dry. I couldn’t believe the difference in the lamb just from that one treatment of Reiki. I continued with more Reiki the following day and also gave her some medication I was guided to get for the lamb.

She has now grown to a normal size and is healthy and as happy as can be. My own experience with Reiki Last August in 2008 I was suffering from a lower back injury I sustained from a vigorous work out with a personal trainer at a gym earlier in March. This problem was fairly persistent and didn’t go away.

Just as I was starting to get better, I had a visit to a local Physiotherapist. Unfortunately, this treatment had aggravated my sciatica. I was due to go to the snow in a few days time. I was very upset and in a lot of pain, thinking how I was going to ski with my children in this condition!

When I walked, my range of movement was very limited and my sciatic nerve would sometimes pinch and re-aggravate the area again and again. Anti-inflammatory tablets didn’t seem as though they were doing much. I had to slightly bend forward and to the right just to get around the house. I could not stand up straight.

Sheena came to visit me the night before we were to leave. She had with her some friends that were staying with her from Victoria. Sure enough, they couldn’t wait to get their healing hands on me. There I lay down slouched over my lounge room ottoman. I had four pairs of healing hands using Reiki on me, each person was also using their own personal spiritual gifts to assist with the healing process.

Due to the severity of my pain I was experiencing, I couldn’t notice a significant difference to how I was feeling straight after treatment. After they left, I had taken an anti-inflammatory to help me sleep better. I woke up the next morning to find I had so much more movement and not that much pain. I could stand up straight to walk around and move freely; however I still took caution in my movement so that I would not re-aggravate it again.

I had a great time at the snow with my family and managed to ski for a few days with my children. (Still being cautious of cause) My lower back issues seem to have gone away and no longer cause me any problems. It is amazing the difference Reiki treatments can make to any condition! Thank you Sheena Although originally a skeptic of spiritual healing, after my first visit with Sheena, she has left me know doubt as to her ability to connect with God , The Lord Jesus Christ, The Archangel Raphael The Ascended Masters and The Angels along with her power and clarity of healing with Reiki.

She has removed all skepticism. Two years on now, I cannot express the gratitude and phenomenal change within me that Sheena, God and the Angles have created. Sheena has always made me feel safe, protected, supported and inspired, even in my most tender and vulnerable moments. I know that in the future years, I will look back at this time in my life as one of the most positive changes I could have experienced in this life time, and for that Sheena, I truly thank you. X X X Grace from New South Wales.

New South Wales Australia.

February 2009

Back To Harmony An Important Healing Footnote from Lit-El Star As at February 2009 Grace has gone on to qualify as a highly skilled massage therapist opening her own tranquil healing clinic in  N.S.W. If you feel guided that Grace may be able to assist you in a healing massage I can most highly recommend her. You may always email me for further details. Bless her for the lovely work that she does in sharing her journey and helping others to heal. Lit-El Star February 2009.